Marmé Mönlam—Lamp Aspiration


Tsering Jong, Bir, India, 11 October 2020

Marmé Mönlam—Lamp Aspiration

Bir, India, 11 October 2020

At the end of a Vajrakilaya drupchen at Tsering Jong, in Bir, in which the practitioners combined three Vajrakilaya practices as Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche explains in this teaching, Rinpoche gave the traditional talk before the Marmé Mönlam, the light offering aspiration that concludes a drupchen. In his speech Rinpoche reminds the attendance of the extraordinary power what they have just done, and inspire them to dedicate the merit by indicating aspirations to make at this point. Since the same principles apply at the end of every drupchen, before the Marmé Mönlam, Rinpoche wished that we share these few words.

There are many deities in this world, and Vajrakilaya is one of them. His practice is known as “Vajrakilaya practice to accomplish the enlightened activities.” Guru Rinpoche, the great pandita Vimalamitra and Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal all attained realization by taking Vajrakilaya as their yidam.

There are kama and terma Vajrakilaya practices, and the practices that we have done are terma Vajrakilayas. The great tertön and lord of the dharma Pema Ösel Dongak Lingpa’s incarnation, the lord of the mandala, Vajradhara, the omniscient lama Rabsel Dawa discovered the terma of the Vajkrakilaya practice accomplished by Nyak Jnanakumara, a practice that the great Pandita Vimalamitra gave to Jnanakumara when he appeared directly in front of him. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche retrieved this earth terma called Vajrakilaya of Nyak Lotsawa (Nyak Luk Phurba) without obstacle at Karmé Gön, the seat of the omniscient lama, the ruler of the world, the Karmapa.

During this drupchen, we practised the sadhana of this profound terma, and followed its drupchen manual. We also practised the sadhana called Kilaya: Profound Wrathful Activity, a Vajrakilaya practice included in Terchen Chokgyur Lingpa’s terma called Seven Profound Cycles, which he revealed at Karmé Damchen Drak. We added Quintessential Vajrakilaya of the Oral Lineage (Nyengyu or Netik Phurba) a teaching that Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Pema Ösel Dongak Lingpa, received near the Vajra Seat in India from Lopön Shakya Senge, one of the eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche, who are indivisible from the eight great mahasiddha vidyadharas.

Based on the sadhanas of these three Vajrakilaya cycles, the vidyadhara holders of awareness, lords of knowledge and accomplished practitioners performed the great accomplishment in group practice perfectly at this supreme place of Tsering Jong. We have done the practice as every year without obstacle, although the alarming Covid epidemic is raging. Now that we have completed the practice, it is time to offer the Lamp Aspiration (Marmé Mönlam) to inspire faith and joy in the practitioners.

Generally speaking, there is an infinite number of Secret Mantra Vajrayana practices. All termas are most profound Vajrayana practices. Thanks to Guru Rinpoche, Panchen Vimalamitra and Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal’s unique love and aspiration for sentient beings, they hid earth termas, mind termas, pure visions, rediscovered termas for future generations who’ll live in the time of the five degenerations. If you practise genuinely these termas, all obstacles and difficult circumstances will be cleared and in your next life you will be reborn in the pure buddha field of the Copper-coloured mountain, where you will meet the vidyadhara king Pema Tötreng Tsal and reach the level of realization of a vidyadhara. All sentient beings who make a connection with you will also be inspired to reach the level of realization of the Great Glorious Vajrakumara; for anyone who hears the name of such awareness holders, it is as if their blood mixes with the blood of Guru Rinpoche’s heart. As it is said, “the phurba practitioner brings auspiciousness, the phurba practitioner has great glory, the phurba practitioner has long life, the phurba practitioner has wealth, the phurba practitioner has a large retinue, the phurba practitioner increases, the phurba practitioner has great power and the phurba practitioner brings things to a good conclusion.” Basically, the benefit of this practice is inconceivable.

In particular, it clears all obstacles to the attainment of the supreme siddhi, the level of mahamudra, and allows the practitioner to reach the level of the great glorious Vajrakumara. Guru Rinpoche faced obstacles when he went to Yangleshö cave in Nepal to accomplish the supreme siddhi of mahamudra vidyadhara. So he sent a messenger to India to ask the panditas of Nalanda of a particularly effective means to eliminate obstacles. The panditas gathered and sent to Guru Rinpoche the Vajrakilaya teaching of the Vidyottama Tantra to Nepal. As soon as the volume arrived all the obstacles were eliminated and Guru Rinpoche actualized the supreme siddhi of mahamudra vidyādhara. He was then called, “Vidyadhara Pema Tötreng Tsal”. In Yangleshö there are two caves, an upper and a lower cave; the upper cave is the sacred place of Guru Rinpoche’s accomplishment of the level of mahamudra vidyadhara. Guru Rinpoche and all the other learned and accomplished awareness holders, including ourselves, who have practised properly, reach the Great Glorious Vajrakumara’s four levels of vidyadharas—this is the prodigious benefit of this great accomplishment practice.

We have brought out the power of the blessing of this well-performed, great accomplishment practice endowed with such extraordinary benefit. Through its strength,

May the negative emotions of the four times that create suffering in all countries in the world be all pacified; in particular, may the Corona virus be completely obliterated extremely fast so that not even its name remains.

May all the activities of the buddhas’ aspirations and virtuous intentions, be all effortlessly accomplished as envisioned, and their results be experienced immediately.

May the Buddhadharma in teaching and practice—the sole source of happiness and well-being in the world—spread and flourish everywhere.

Since this is only possible thanks to the great beings who hold the teachings, may their lives be long and firm. In particular, the masters with whom we have a special connection is the wisdom emanation of the great Tibetan King Trisong Deutsen who brought the three worlds under his rule—Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Pema Ösel Dongak Lingpa. He incarnated as Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö, also known by his secret name of Pema Yeshe Dorje. His immediate incarnation, the master of all the teachings of the Victorious One on this earth, the great being who has the power to protect against the fear and suffering of the lower realms, whose vision and enlightened activities are inconceivable and who still lives among us, Thubten Chökyi Gyatso— may all obstacle to his life and enlightened body, speech and mind, and those of Terchen Chokgyur Lingpa’s precious incarnation known as Gyurme Dorje, be completely pacified.

May all the obstacles to us practitioners in this life and the next be quelled so that not even their name remains. May all those with whom we have a connection such as our benefactors, be free from obstacles and meet positive circumstances in a great increasing flood. For us who meditated on kyerim and dzogrim, focused one-pointedly on mantras, mudras and samadhis, may all the maras and obstacle to the attainment of the level of vidyadhara completely eliminated. May those who have a connection with us encounter no obstacle and may they meet always better circumstances and the fulfilment of their activities.

In the whole world, may all sickness and epidemics stop, and may perfect happiness and joy prevail.

May all sangha groups show no bias, be harmonious, observe the discipline perfectly, practise the dharma, meet the right circumstances and be able to remain for long.

May all the gods, nagas, men, pishachis and so on, give rise to the precious mind of enlightenment, and may all their negative intentions be pacified instantly.

Every practitioner now takes hold of a lamp whose wisdom light has the power to quickly eliminate the darkness of ignorance. As the light of your pure mind eliminates the dark negative emotions of desire, aversion, pride, jealousy and ignorance, all wisdom qualities flourish without the slightest trace of the darkness of ignorance.

With this attitude, repeat the words of the Lamp Aspiration prayer.

Translated by Gyurme Avertin

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